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How to Successfully Build a Brand from Scratch: A Step-by-Step Guide

Updated: Feb 15

When you think of a business, what comes to your mind?

When starting a business, most people will only consider sales and profits as their central pillars. What they forget is that a business is not complete without a brand.

In this article, we will explore how to establish a brand to make your business stand out.

When thinking of a brand, think about how people see you as a person and how they describe you. There will always be that unique aspect that separates you from the rest, and that’s how your brand should be. There should be that aspect that makes you stand out.  


What Makes a Brand?

A brand consists of;

  •   A Name

  • An Image

  • A Slogan

  • A Logo

  • Product ( goods/services)


  1. Who is your target audience?

  2. What is your voice? ( it should speak for you)

  3. What is the purpose of the brand? ( what do you stand for?)    

  4. Do you have a marketing strategy?

  5. Do you have competitors? Who are they?

  6.   What will your brand look like? (name, slogan, logo)


After carefully analyzing these essential factors, you can now narrow down to the finer details for each factor. Remember, you want to start an investment that will represent your ideas and creativity for many years to come. 

Though making changes is always welcome in businesses, it is vital to kick-start your venture on the right footing to accustom your customers/clients to your brand from the word go.

Below we will discuss your Brand outlook in-depth and what to consider when developing a Brand Name, Logo, and Slogan.


5 Factors to Consider when Forming your Brand Name

a)        Stand out/Unique

Your brand name should be simple, precise, easy to remember, and unique to catch your target clients' attention.

Try and avoid complex vocabularies when coming up with a brand name. Remember, your goal is to turn the traffic into sales, and your name shouldn't hinder your success.

Imagine yourself as a client who couldn’t remember the name of a shop you bought from because it was complex. Your name should be at your customers' fingertips whenever someone mentions your product.

b)       Your Product(s)/Wares/Services

Let your name resonate with what you are offering. i.e., your products or services. Though, at times, businesses prefer to use their initials to come up with a name for their business, the name should always make sense.

c)        Engagement

As we stated earlier, your brand name should speak for you.

Give your customers the freedom to interact with your name, especially on social media platforms. What comes to mind when a client sees your name on an advert?

Will it be automatic for them to recognize you when an advert with your name pops up?

The market is heavily flooded with products similar to yours, and nowadays, everyone is in a hurry, so let your Brand catch potential and existing customers' attention in the blink of an eye.

d)       Memorable

How do your products influence your customers' lives every other day?

Are you the kind of an entrepreneur who puts all focus on the product and forgets the customer?

Always strive to impact your customers positively through your products. Your priority should be your customers' satisfaction. Let them remember you for surpassing their expectations by delivering what you promised.

Remember, a happy customer will always give you free marketing through referrals and word of mouth, which will expand your base effortlessly.

e)        Your Core Values

Integrity, honesty, and reliability should resonate with your business.

Take time to think carefully about which values you want to hold.

What you say you are, your customers expect you to portray it.


Building a brand can seem difficult at first, but, when you put your mind to it, know what you want to achieve, and know your clients, it will be easy.

As much as we encourage you to give ample time to think about your brand name, it shouldn’t consume all your time as there will always be time to make amendments and updates. You may also consider sharing your idea with your trusted knowledgeable friends to find out what they may think about your name before publishing it.

There is power in a name, yes, but, your products and services should have more power!

Keep it here as we continue digging more on how to make your business stand and be a success!







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